Trudeau Tries To Save The Planet From Climate Change Using Your Money

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party take a certain amount of pride in their policies and actions on climate change. The saviors of the mother earth think they’re doing all they can to protect the planet. Since his election, Trudeau has focused the attention of the government on climate change. But how are their policies faring with the public?

Well, here’s how.

The Federal-Provincial Divide

A recent poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute shows that the Liberal policies of climate change are causing a political divide and discord between the federal and provincial level. While 40 percent of the respondents at the federal level claimed that the Liberal policies struck the right balance between environment and economy, there’s a huge problem.

The provinces are not so positive in their view of the government. Here are some examples.

British Columbia

Around 39 percent of the people in the province were dissatisfied with the government and believed that the economy receives more attention when it comes to the economy-environment debate. On the other hand, only 23 percent support the government.


The gulf between the government’s supporters and opponents in Quebec is much greater than British Columbia. In Quebec, 38 percent of the survey respondents viewed the government policies unfavorably while only 15 percent felt the “balance”.


The results from Saskatchewan show that the public is much more on the premier Brad Wall’s side. Almost 44 percent of the survey respondents spoke in opposition of the government while only 22 percent did so otherwise.


The most alarming statistics, however, came from Alberta. More than half of the province thinks that the environment gets a lot of attention, instead of economic growth. Almost 52 percent of respondents share this belief while only 15 percent demonstrate trust in the government.

Is this the sign of an oncoming conflict between the provinces and the federation?