Trudeau has been voted one of the least valuable politicians of 2016

in Canada by

Prime Minister Trudeau is at No.3 in the least valuable politician of 2016 category. This was bound to happen with someone who has not been upholding the promises they have made, and abiding by the rules they have set themselves.  

There were almost 152 people participating in this poll which was conducted between November 17th and December 2nd. The government might not be faring so well with problems regarding the electoral reform, pipeline approvals, cash for fundraisers and carbon taxes, but Justin Trudeau and his party have been popular in the public eye.

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch topped the list and has been in the public eye for quite some time now. This was because her values and policies are concerning for most Canadians. In particular, her screening process for the immigrants where they have to be checked for having anti-Canadian values and linking her ideals closely to U.S. president elect Donald Trump, are major matters of alarm. Although her values are synonymous with the current state of affairs where Canada may be under threat of terrorist attacks, she has been put in a bad light by the media and is being criticized a little too much, when there is absolutely no coverage of Justin Trudeau’s activities.

Although Trudeau may be facing a lot of criticism on the floor of the House of Commons, it seems that this election he and his party will serve as tough competition for the opposition. No matter what issues the government might be facing, the Liberals own the media and they can spin anything off in their favour. As the elections approach, the true face of the Liberals must be shown instead of these self congratulating news that they are spreading to hide their failures in governance.