Government right on track with immigration according to Trudeau

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The editorial board of the Vancouver Sun held a live stream Q&A session with Prime Minister Trudeau. Most of the questions discussed were about the Syrian refugees and how well they are being integrated into Canada. Is there an effect on the economy due to this or not?

A question raised was about the problems that the refugees are having with being resettled in the country with regard to British Columbia, where only 17 percent of the refugees have been able to hold jobs. With the language barrier being one of the biggest problems for the refugees, is it possible for them to resettle in the coming years?

According to Trudeau, this is an effort required by the whole country to act as one nation and help these people get resettled. The problem of the language barrier would still remain even after the refugees have been given a place to stay. Without the proper knowledge of the English Language, holding a job in a province like British Columbia is very difficult.

Another related question was if these refugees are having an effect on the job market. When Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, he had limited the immigration rate due to the job market being affected by people coming into the country. Justin Trudeau believes that bringing new people in is going to help the economy grow.

It is highly unlikely that 35,000 people who have left everything they owned back in their homeland will be able to help an economy grow. There is no actual plan to help them integrate into the country which will cause problems for the government and the refugees themselves.

Justin Trudeau needs to reevaluate his actions regarding the refugees. Bringing them in is a noble action, but without any proper plan to help them resettle, it is ineffective and dangerous for Canada herself.