Trudeau asks Canadians to judge him on climate plan in 2019

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Out of all the problems and challenges that Canada has been facing for the past years under the Liberal government, Justin Trudeau proposes that he should be judged on the way he is going about the Climate Plan.

The Prime Minister has spent a large chunk of his first year in office focusing on a broad carbon reduction plan, when there are far more grim issues surrounding the state. There were numerous negotiations with territories and provinces to bring them aboard for the carbon reduction initiative, and there are still many who reject these ideas.

The premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall refused to sign an agreement which would have the province paying $10 a ton in 2018, and which would increase after the initial year.

According to Prime Minister Trudeau, the debate over the subject is over and it is now time to adapt to the policies regarding climate change.

According to Trudeau, his predecessor Stephen Harper made the mistake of not investing enough in the science and research sector. Science and research is not the correct term to use here, because you cannot just invest in all of science at once. There are different departments to start with and you pick the one which is the most beneficial for the country.

As an example, Blackberry was one of the tech giants out of Canada and if an investment should have been made, it should have been in the company that had the world swooning over their product.

Trudeau constantly mocks the Harper government for not making the right decisions, but it seems like he is on the same path. If he is different, then the first thing he should be taking care of, are the basics of the country which include power. Canada has been struggling with its power requirements for quite some time now and that is the sector the government should look into first.

Trudeau wants people to judge him for the efforts in climate change, but there are much more important factors that the people would be analyzing before they make their decision to vote for him again.


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