Trudeau has plans to ban ALL oilfield activity and work

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According to Prime Minister Trudeau, the world is not advancing these days as the middle class believes that globalization is bad. Justin Trudeau believes in the planet working together to bring about positive changes and help the environment.

In an interview, Justin Trudeau proposed that the only real way we can help the world right now without too much change is if we use pipelines instead of ships and trains to transport oil and other fossil fuel sources.

The problem here is that he has big plans with very low resources, which may be why he thinks the world will get on board with his plans and work together to form a better planet. It is a bit of a hippie approach, but he strongly believes that this can be achieved.

The problem here is that the world has never been in a globalized state even when the first humans appeared on earth. The world works in transactions and building an oil pipeline will allow the world to transport oil faster, but the capital it would require and a whole industry of oil transport that it will crumple is a scary idea for many countries.

He says that creating a better system of public transport will also help diminish the market for oil. The problem here is that it isn’t just the automotive industry that depends on fossil fuels. There are numerous industries that operate using these fuel sources which cannot yet take the risk of going completely green.

Prime Minister Trudeau has a lot of ambitious thoughts, but very less statistics and data to back it up. He still has a boyish way of handling issues which can prove unrealistic. It is okay to have dreams, but making those dreams a reality requires practical and logical thinking.