B.C unhappy with N.B side deal on health funding

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Health funding has been in discussion this week in Canada and there seems to be a dislike of the fact the North Brunswick had a chance to cut a side deal with the Liberal government. The provinces and territories had already rejected an offer from Ottawa this week which is why the side deal is making a lot of people unhappy.

Terry Lake, the Health Minister for British Columbia, expressed his dislike of the fact that the federal government is using the dirty tactics of divide and rule. They are trying to break the unified stance that the provinces have taken against the increased transfer of money for healthcare.

According to Lake, the Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott and Finance Minister Bill Morneau are being insincere when they say that the territories and provinces are walking away from the agreed health funding.

The Liberal government, instead of providing the proper funding for healthcare to the provinces, is trying to find excuses to lower rates. The so called Liberals who have been flaunting their fair way of handling political situations in accordance to good morals has shown its true colours by indulging in tactics that do not allow welfare and proper healthcare for the people of Canada.

The justification of this action was stated as a way to make changes that are beneficial in the long or medium term for Canada rather than being a short term plan to help the people. The problem here is that there is no specification of how long the long term will be.

Canada is in financial peril and the only one to blame here is Justin Trudeau for trying to impose his environmental policies in a country that is running out of financial resources.

There is no telling what tactic the NDP will use further to push their agenda by calling it a long term benefit for the country.