Donald Trump says Berlin attack is a religious threat and urges US to fight back

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Donald Trump says that the attack on Berlin is a religious attack and urges US and all the countries to fight back.

He showed his concern in a tweet at about 2:17 AM saying that the Tunisian man is making clear threats to Christians and people who are not of the Islamic faith. The words used by the man included the words that we will slaughter all you pigs.

His election campaign focused a lot on how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refused to use the phrase “Radical Islam” and criticized them for not addressing the problem at hand. According to Trump this is a clear threat and needs to be taken care of.

When Hillary Clinton used the phrase, Obama agreed that there is a need to fight radical extremism, but labeling a whole religion extremist due to the actions of a single faction is not acceptable. Obama said that there are countries of the same faith that are helping fight this radical extremism which is why the phrase is not correct.

Trump is addressing the same problem but in a way that urges countries to unite and fight this problem together. He did not just say that it is time for the US to retaliate but he said US and other countries must unite against it.

Trump called that tack and attack on humanity and wants the humans of the world to recognize the problem and come together. He said that ISIS and other Islamist organizations are slaughtering Christians in their communities and places of worship and are calling it Jihad.

Trump said that this is disgraceful and the world knows his plan and his is 100 percent correct in his stance.