Kevin O’Leary wants to scrape the Liberal CRAP off with a Spatchella

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Media personality and Businessman Kevin O’Leary is talking about launching an “exploratory committee” in efforts for garnering public support for his run for the head of the conservative party. O’Leary says he aims to remove the liberal government of Ottawa in 2019.

The committee that he has set up is in efforts to see if he is worthy to be the leader of the conservative party. The committee is said to consist of high profile conservative members and activists such as former premier of Ontario Mike Harris and former Senator Marjorie LeBreton.

O’Leary aims to win the approval of the conservatives by asking them if they think he is right for the job or not. O’Leary expressed his concerns over the race being too crowded with people who are not qualified. The aim of the committee and him entering the race is to bring the people who are actually qualified to run the conservative party ahead rather than the ones who are just doing it for the fame.

O’Leary said that he does not have a money or recognition problem but he does have a problem with the number of participants in the race. This effort by O’Leary is a way to show Canada that the conservative party has thinkers who actually want to see Canada succeed and bring about a leadership that is effective and beneficial.

O’Leary expressed his deep concerns for Canada and its current state, pointing out the GDP shrinking in October and he blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for this. As a business minded person, O’Leary tends to talk about his policies based on the availability of more jobs and better business opportunities for young Entrepreneurs in Canada.

O’Leary is someone who wants to view Canada in a competitive state which is why his approach is based on elimination till the best remains.


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