Trump Sticks to His Muslim Ban Proposal Post Berlin Attack

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When Donald Trump proposed a temporary ban on the American Muslim immigration during his campaign, the whole world was up in arms against his so-called “insensitive” proposal. “It isn’t realistically possible,” claimed some. “It’s not politically correct,” cried others.

After the elections, however, people began to cast doubts on whether Trump actually planned to follow through with those promises. Leftists claimed he would drop the proposal which, they thought, was only announced to gain votes.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In his most recent remarks, responding to the attack on a German Christmas market, the president-elect has renewed his vows on extreme vetting and tough immigration policies.

ISIS attack in Germany

The recent attack on a Christmas market in Berlin killed 12 people and left 48 others injured. The Islamic State claimed responsibility. The attack, most of all, highlights the dangers that ISIS poses to the Christian countries. It also shows that the threat of ISIS hasn’t diminished one bit.

After the attack, president-elect Trump was asked for comments on his strategy going forward. He replied, “You know my plans. All along, I’ve been proven to be right, 100 per cent correct.” He called the current state with Islamic violence “disgraceful” and called the incident “an attack on humanity.”

What he said later is more interesting though: “It’s got to be stopped.”

Trump’s Muslim ban

Trump has repeatedly expressed a desire to try to put an end to Islamist violence. And we know how he has repeatedly proposed to do that. The result is simple to deduce, isn’t it? The Muslim ban stays. It was not a political ploy. Trump is serious about implementing it.

What exactly would the measures be? Trump has proposed to deny admissions to those coming from countries with high rates of terrorism. He has also called for a strict vetting procedure for those wishing to enter America.

Desperate times do call for desperate measures. Is Trump right in proposing what he proposes? What do you think?


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