After Ruining the Economy, the NDP Wants to Ruin Christmas As Well

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The New Democratic Party has had its fair share of silly decisions. It has pushed Alberta into a deeper economic crisis, argued for a frankly ridiculous carbon tax, and is continuously causing falling rates of employment in the province.

But while many of those silly decisions were damaging for the economy and the province, their decision to wage war on Christmas is just plain old silly. What is it about Christmas that is so unappealing to the NDP mentality? Let’s analyze some of the recent developments and try to make some sense out of the nonsense.

Christmas or holiday?

The NDP’s war on Christmas started early this year when the party posted an invite for a Christmas event on their website. The invite read:

“Bring your holiday spirit to the Leduc-Beaumont NDP’s 2nd Annual Holiday Celebration! The evening will feature a selection of wine, Alberta craft beer, and a silent auction of eclectic items.”

This is just brainlessly stupid on so many levels. Let’s analyze two of them.

Bring your holiday spirit? Well, what exactly is a holiday spirit? What spirit can you extract from just a bunch of holidays? What they don’t want to say is that they are actually referring to the Christmas spirit. The spirit of Christmas is the feeling of kindness and empathy towards others which was, of course, derived from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Annual holiday celebration? Have you heard of anyone celebrating the fact that they have holidays? Holidays are meant to be spent, not celebrated. There’s nothing special about just a bunch of holidays. What’s special about Christmas is the fact that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who changed the world with his actions.

Why can’t the political correctness brigade wrap its collective heads around this simple fact? The name of the holiday can never be offensive to any religion or community. It doesn’t threaten anyone’s existence or harm anyone’s lifestyle.

Changing the name of Christmas as holidays, on the other hand, is not just insensitive to Christians all over the world, it’s also the worst possible way to suck the life out of a festive event and reduce it down to just a couple of, you know, holidays.


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