Trudeau Finally Loses It: Says Canada Is Stronger Because Of Muslims

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Justin Trudeau is at it again.

The Prime Minister is pursuing his policy of pandering to the minority community just to get the sympathy of Liberal voters and secure political points. What he wants, more than anything else, is to appear like a benevolent messiah and secure his position in the list of world’s iconic leaders.

This time he directed his pandering policy towards the community of immigrant Muslims in Canada. He chose to tell Canada that the country is stronger because of the contributions of the Muslim community.

Trudeau’s remarks

The Prime Minister made his remarks in his traditional message of greeting delivered to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit in Toronto, a convention designed to convince Muslims to go back to their medieval Islamic policies.

Here’s one of the things Trudeau said:

“So let me be clear, Canada is stronger because of the contributions of its Muslim community. We are stronger because of you. And that’s why every day we just chose hope over fear and stand up to the politics of hate and division.”

The politics of fear and loathing

Let’s focus on two critical components of Trudeau’s statement: choosing hope over fear and combating the politics of hate. Who are the people that benefit from fear? Who are the ones that propagate hate? You guessed it right. It’s Islamic terrorists.

Is radical Islam what Trudeau thinks has made Canada stronger? That’s because we do not see any other contribution from Canada’s immigrant Muslim community. And, let’s be honest here, neither does Trudeau. In his speech, he offered no concrete proof, no facts and figures, and no statistics on how Muslims have made any contribution to Canada.

What are the achievements of Muslims that Trudeau is most proud of? Is he proud of the attack on Parliament Hill? Or does his chest swell with pride at what Aaron Driver, the ISIL-sympathizer, was setting out to do?

Come on Trudeau. Don’t leave us hanging here.


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