Thanks To Idiot Notley, Alberta Is Setting New Job Loss Records 

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Alberta’s premier, NDP’s Rachel Notley, would love to remind you of how rosy things are when it comes to employment in Alberta.

She and her government have spent a fortune on advertising the government’s “success” in creating jobs. She likes to confuse and misdirect her people with numbers.

But just a sneak peek down in the oil sands will tell you that things aren’t quite as rosy as the people are being led to believe. In fact, if the trade union is to be believed, the state of employment in the energy sector is worse than ever. Around a thousand unionized workers have lost their jobs and more will do so after Christmas.

Fort McMurray

Union workers at a lodge north of Fort McMurray will not have a good Christmas this year. Around 170 of the workers of the lodge were informed they would lose their jobs at the other side of Christmas.

The company, Buffalo Métis Catering, told the employees they were being sent home because it had found non-union employees who were willing to do the same jobs for much cheaper. The existing employees were given less than a month’s notice.

Companies closing shop, losing employees

Let’s face it. As a business owner, doing business in Alberta is just not as profitable anymore, especially when we compare it to similar investment venues in the US.

From July to September, Civeo’s lodges and camps in Canada lost around 44.7 million American dollars. During the first nine months of its operations, the adjusting earnings of the company went down from 81.5 million American dollars to around 57.6 million dollars.

This is just one example out of many similar cases. The stories coming out of the oil sands are just heartbreaking. With workers losing their jobs every day, it’s a wonder what the government is doing to prevent it all from happening.