$64,000 of the tax payer’s money was spent on security detail for Prime Minister Trudeau

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There seems to be no end to the lavish spending that Prime Minister Trudeau has been doing. As he prepares to take another vacation in a foreign country, details have been uncovered about his last vacation in the Caribbean.

Documents have been obtained which show that his security detail comprising of members of the RCMP had to be paid more than $64,000 on a 10 day trip to Nevis and St. Kitts. With this being the rate last year, it is frightening to think about how much it will cost this year.

This Wednesday, it was confirmed by the Prime Minister’s office that he will be leaving the country this New Year holiday after spending Christmas at his residence at Harrington Lake in West Quebec. There was no confirmation about where he will be vacationing abroad.

The details of the last Christmas vacation that he took unveil that he stayed at the Paradise Beach Resort with his family and an unspecified number of RCMP officers. The exclusive villa there costs $1500 per night, costing in total about $20,411.

A separate group of RCMP stayed in villas that were rented with the assistance of local realtor, Sugar Mills Real Estate which added $44,786 to the cost.

The nightly rates were not disclosed because that would compromise security by revealing the amount of RCMP officers that were with the Prime Minister. Due to security reasons, the Prime Minister cannot fly commercial, which is why he must travel with a full security detail which ended up costing the tax payers $100,000 in total.

Although security is important, a serious reevaluation of how the government and the people’s money is being spent should be taken into account when someone is at the position of heading a state. There does not seem to be much financial research being done by Trudeau’s government and it seems like the lavish spending is not going to stop anytime soon.


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