Boeing CEO says he’ll build Air force One in less than $ 4 billion for Donald Trump

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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg met with President-elect Donald Trump and praised him for his business minded approach. Muilenburg says that he will build the new Air Force One for president-elect Donald Trump for less than $ 4 billion.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump tweeted, criticizing the production cost of a Boeing, to which the CEO responded by saying that we will get it done in less than the current production cost of $ 4 billion. As a company that builds international grade aircrafts for the world and has worked to build the international space station hovering above the earth, Donald Trump knew that they must have the knowledge and means to create an Air Force One for lesser costs.

Muilenburg further commented that he knew how important this was to the country, so they would deliver the best aircraft created for comfort and affordability. When questioned about the timeline and the completion of the project, it was still in the works as he said that was something they would have to work on together with the United States government.

With the 747 production line doing very well, the company is very eager to get started on the program and this is an opportunity to explore newer interiors and facilitations inside the aircraft for the company. Even the idea of the aircraft is still in its infant stages, but once the requirements have been finalized, with the production team already in full power mode, they will be able to deliver on the comfort, security and cost requirements for the commander in chief.

The meeting was a response over the tweet that Donald Trump sent threatening to cancel the contract for the Air force One, if the costs were not lowered. It seems like Donald Trump knows where to strike when the metal is hot and is getting the best business deals for himself and the government.


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