Canadians wanted me to bring in the Refugees says Trudeau

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In a press conference held in Calgary on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, after addressing the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in reference to resource development and the energy sector, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked a little bit about his leadership style.

According to the Prime Minister, all this time he has just been abiding by the wishes of the Canadians themselves. Speaking in context to the Syrian refugees, he has been carrying out the wishes of Canadians and has become a helping hand for the people who have been displaced from their homes.

He wants Canada to know that the resettlement of 37,000 Syrian Refugees since 2015 and the government’s commitment of over $ 9 billion for funding of other countries and the agencies of the United Nations in this matter is not just on him.

He says that if he takes a decision on behalf of Canadians on a national forum, the reason is that Canadians have allowed him to do so. He says that when the decision of welcoming the refugees was being made, the Canadians were eager to help and they were the ones who constantly asked about how they could assist and help these people regain their lives.

It is true that the Canadians have allowed Justin Trudeau to do this, but there were a significant number of people who were against this. With the unemployment rates on the rise and property prices dangerously ballooning, there is a financial threat that Canada is fighting hard and welcoming the refugees was a noble act, but it is dangerous both for them and the Canadians themselves.

When he refers to Canadians allowing him to do this, it is a certain number of Canadians who allowed him to do this. The rest he chose to ignore.