Kathleen Wynne Repeatedly Lied to Her People about the Carbon Tax

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Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne can do anything to get the people to accept her Carbon Price proposal including even lying to people if she can get away with it.

But she can’t.

Economic experts are now pointing out that she has massively low-balled the cost of her cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme that the Ontarians would suffer from. And this is before even the scheme officially began.

Breaking down the government’s numbers

In an effort to get her cap-and-trade carbon pricing program sailed past the people, she claimed that the program would increase the cost of domestic natural gas consumption by about $5 per month. It means, in her words, people would end up paying just 5 dollars extra on her gas bills.

That sounds like a decent proposal. There’s only one flaw. It isn’t true.

The Liberals are experts at carefully keeping the truth away from public eyes. The estimates by the Ontario Energy Board are already much higher than Wynne’s figure. According to the board, the cap-and-trade would increase the cost of the gas prices by around $6.70 per month.

Continuing the tradition of lying

Another tactic the government uses is to reveal bits and pieces of information to actively conceal the whole picture. According to the government, the average Ontario household would pay around $156 every year post cap-and-trade. Now it says that the cost will stand around $210 by the year 2019.

But if the Auditor General is to be believed, the government would take in around 2 billion dollars in annual revenue from the cap-and-trade policy. If we divide that cost among the five million households in Ontario, it would stand somewhere around $400 per year, starting this January, which is twice the government quoted for 2019.

It’s time Wynne’s government comes out with the truth instead of deceiving people.