NDP’s Environment-Friendly Green Energy Measures Aren’t All That Green or Environment-Friendly

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The New Democratic Party wants to portray themselves as the saviors of mother Earth who want to protect the planet from the clutches of evil corporations and devilish conservatives. The green energy proposals, including the subsidies renewable energy companies receive, are made to look like a desperate bid to reclaim the planet.

It’s not.

It’s just a desperate bid to stuff more money in their pockets. By subsidizing green energy companies with taxpayer money, the government can insure that the bulk of the investment goes where their interests are actually met.

Saving the planet?

It’s not all about government making money off of taxpayer dollars. The issue of green energy subsidies goes much beyond that. It’s about polluting the planet.

Yes, you read that right.

The NDP’s green energy proposals would end up causing more pollution. And the effects won’t be as arbitrary or scientifically disputed as global warming is. They’d actively damage the environment. How, you may ask.

The not-so-green energy

It’s the equipment. The green energy subsidies would use taxpayer dollars to buy tons of equipment including wind turbines and solar energy panels. Although this equipment is designed specially to ensure that the environmental damage is at its minimum, it can actively damage the very same environment if not well-cared for.

And this is what’s about to happen. When NDP introduced the Renewable Electricity Act, also known as Bill 27, the Wildrose party proposed an amendment that the remediation of the equipment should be a part of the law.

What happens if the NDP is voted out of office? First, the energy companies will lose the incentive if they lose the tax dollars. The environmentally-friendly windmills will slowly turn rusty and the solar panels would be toxic. Who would care about the environment then?