Poll Shows Albertans Don,t Support Carbon Tax, Rachel Notley Doesn’t Care

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According to a new poll, the results show that two-thirds of the population of Alberta are against the broad based carbon tax being imposed. A survey done by the Citizen Society Research Lab at Lethbridge College shows that Albertans are opposing the 67.2 percent carbon tax that will become effective from January 1st. Around 52.5 of the poll respondents are considered strongly opposed.

An effort that is being made to bring down the emission of the leading greenhouse gas in order to win the support of the nationals for the pipeline project is seeing the approval of only 32.8 percent of the people right now.

The Lethbridge College officials warn the NDP of the great risk that they are taking by imposing a tax that is heavily opposed. This will produce a negative reaction from a majority of the population. If there is something to be learned from history, one thing is for sure that before imposing a tax, you must be sure it is popular among half the people of the country.

There are rebates being offered to Alberta Households for paying the tax, but the tax itself is too high for any sort of a rebate to compensate it well. The tax involves $20 per ton of CO2 emission for the first year. 4.5 cents are to be added to the price of gasoline per litre and 5.35 cents for diesel per litre. Natural gas costs will rise more than $1 per gigajoule.

With Canada being a country that is powered mainly by fossil fuels, these taxes seem like a bit of a drastic measure. DNP wants to make Canada a cleaner place, but at the cost of almost financially bankrupting the country’s industries and the taxpayers. The tax may need to be rethought and implementation this early could cause uproar.