What Can Trudeau Do to Improve His New Year?

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All things considered, 2016 has not been a good year for Justin Trudeau.

He started off on a high note with a post-election Euphoria. He was sailing the wave of popular public opinion. He was the poster boy for liberals around the world. And he had enough political capital to even survive some of his most controversial commitments like the plan to host Syrian Muslim immigrants.

He doesn’t look as good now. Poll results from three different sources show that he had a 10 percent drop in the last few months of the year. He’s receiving criticism from left, right, and center. And he finds himself in the midst of several different scandals.

What really happened?

There are several reasons why Trudeau experienced a huge slump in popularity. And it’s not just because people are waking up to the realization that his promises were a sham to begin with. He made some controversial decisions and terribly mishandled some of the issues.

Three of those issues stand out in particular. His measures on the oil pipelines, the health spending affairs, and the reforms for aboriginal people were extremely unpopular. Plus, he also suffered from the falling popularity of some of his fellow party members and government officials like Kathleen Wynne.

What should he do?

However, the right question to ask at this particular moment is not what went wrong. Instead, Trudeau himself will be better off finding ways to improve his present situation. But how can he? That is the question.

There’s a lot of scope for changes Trudeau can introduce in order to save his position. For a start, he needs to distance himself from some of the controversial party members and their decisions. He also needs to come out and address the ethical concerns surrounding his cash-for-access fundraising, perhaps even apologize to people.

The Liberals have lied to the public for far too long. Being honest and upfront is the only solution.