Another Poll Shows a Downwards Slide in Popularity for Trudeau

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It’s not a good time to be Justin Trudeau right now.

The last three months witnessed a 10 percent drop in his popularity. This was the biggest single slump since he decided to run for office and embarked on his election campaign. Several surveys reflected similar sentiments in the public when it comes to Trudeau’s expectation.

Recently, another survey has been added to the list. The results of the annual Mood of Canada survey are in. The survey is conducted jointly by Nanos Research and the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP).

Falling popularity

According to the survey, Trudeau has experienced a huge drop in popularity compared to the previous year. Apparently, only around 15 percent of the country’s people think that the performance of the Prime Minister and his party is very good. This represents a 22 percent drop in one year alone.

This is just Trudeau’s first full year in office. And the results are clear. The public has spoken. And they’re beginning to see through the façade to know that Trudeau’s governance is style without substance. They’re beginning to realize that the Liberal promises are hollow.

Internal vs. external

An interesting observation from the poll results is that the overall mood in Canada could not have been more conflicted. While, on one hand, the Prime Minister’s popularity has dropped dramatically when it comes to internal affairs, on the other hand, 63 percent of people think Canada has improved its reputation internationally.

Some may think of it as a fundamental contradiction. But it actually fits Trudeau’s approach pretty well. Throughout his government, Trudeau has focused solely on maintaining a likeable approach in the international arena while ignoring the country’s fundamental problems.

His stance on immigration and climate change makes him look like some sort of a messiah when you look from the perspective of a person in another country. But, over here, people are suffering. Isn’t that what the survey says too?