Rachel Notley Is So Unpopular In Alberta, Even Her Mention Draws Boos From Crowds

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Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has a penchant for surprise.

In 2015, she surprised us and, indeed, all of Canada by her stunning victory in the elections. It was the first time in history that the party managed to secure a majority. And boy, what a majority it was. NDP surprised everyone by their landslide victory which was nothing short of a miracle.

Notley’s rise to popularity was incredibly rapid. Surely there was nothing else that could surprise us anymore. We were wrong. The speed with which her popularity figures dropped was even more surprising for all of us. It’s a story of speedy rise and faster demise.

Notley and the popularity polls

There is no doubt that Canada collectively loves polls and surveys. When it comes to politics, we rely on these polls to measure how popular politicians are and how well-received their policies seem to be. The results of Notley’s popularity polls are astonishing in that respect.

At present, according to many polls, Notley’s popularity is somewhere around 30 percent. Only around a quarter of Albertans approve of her actions. And while it is not uncommon for incumbent politicians to be unpopular, this case is different. Compared to how popular she and her party was when she was elected, this is a 180-degree turn in the public view of her government.

Polls and boos

The subject of popularity polls comes under discussion in a recent article by Ben Proulx in the Sherwood Park News. In the article, titled ‘Don’t need a poll to read people’s boos,’ Proulx recalls a personal experience he had while watching the latest Star Wars film.

Before the film started, a paid advertisement by the NDP government promoted Notley’s climate change plan. The ad drew boos from the people in the cinema and several people voiced their displeasure at the government.

To see such display of public emotion is extremely sad and tells us a lot about the state of affairs in the province.


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