Trudeau says Canadians will pay if Trump backs away from Climate Change

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Trudeau: “Canada Will Capitalize If Trump Backsteps On Climate Change”

The Canadian Liberal Party, in general, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in particular, has a habit of living in an alternate reality. Instead of acknowledging oncoming challenges and making a strategy to meet those challenges, he prefers to live in his own cozy, comfy, and snug little existence.

The particular challenge we’re talking about here is the potential future of Canada’s struggling energy industry. All signs show that two things stand in the way of Canada and success in the energy sector.

First, his policies on carbon and the environment may possibly inflict an irreparable damage on the industry. Second, Donald Trump and his business-savvy policies on the environment will make America a lucrative hub for oil companies. This will only hurt Canada in the future by reducing its competitiveness compared to America.

Despite the looming signs of a gloomy energy future for Canada, Trudeau is choosing to deny reality rather than prepare for change. In a message to his energy critics, Trudeau chose to say this about Trump:

“Let’s see what the president actually does once he becomes president and what he says and let’s not overreact ahead of time.”

So formulating a strategy is now an overreaction? Being prepared for changes across the borders is now paranoia?

What signs is Trudeau actually waiting for? Trump has been consistently pretty clear on his position on climate change. He doesn’t believe in global warming and has promised to pull America out of climate agreements. He has chosen one of America’s biggest oil executives as the secretary of state and his secretary of energy, Rick Perry, has been on record saying he wants to abolish the energy agency.

Is the picture not clear enough? America is preparing to be friendlier towards energy investments. It’s already attracting investments from the companies previously operating in Canada. We are already losing precious jobs in the energy sector to America.

But what’s the hurry? Here, have another carbon tax in the meantime.