Trudeau trying hard to gain the support of Liberal Muslims

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Since the year was not kind on the Liberals, or should we say the Liberals were not kind enough towards Canada, it seems Justin Trudeau is trying out a new strategy to get supporters on his side. Trudeau has addressed the Muslims of Canada and has praised them for being an important part of the Canadian community.

He addressed them at the Reviving Islamic Spirit Convention which was held in Toronto.

“Canada is stronger because of the contributions of its Muslim community. We are stronger because of you. And that’s why every day we just chose hope over fear and stand up to the politics of hate and division.”

Since he became Prime Minister, Trudeau has been seen at Muslim community events and in some; you can even see him donning their cultural outfits to show a form of solidarity. People can say whatever they want about the Prime Minister but one thing that he deserves praise for is that he knows how to get a community on his side.

A very large percentage of the Muslim community supports him and will surely vote for him next year. He has repeatedly shown that he thinks the notion that Islam is incompatible with western democracy is ludicrous.

After taking in the Syrian refugees, his support from the Muslim community solidified even further, but is there an ulterior motif to all this? The only reason that seems to make sense is that since the Muslims make up a significant population of Canada, Trudeau wants them to stay on his side.

What Trudeau seems to be missing here is that although it is a good effort to be on the Muslim community’s side, Canada comprises of a lot of other ethnicities which seem to be not too happy with the way things have been going.  


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