Trudeau’s Bogus Demand for Electoral Reform Draws Sharp Criticism from the Conservatives

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Rona Ambrose, the leader of the Conservative Party and the Opposition Leader in the House of Commons, is not happy with Justin Trudeau. In a recent article in the National Post, Ambrose severely criticized everything the Prime Minister has done and everything he failed to do on the subject of electoral reform.   

It’s an insightful piece that deconstructs the Liberal government’s strategy on electoral reform. What it shows is that, like any other issue of national importance, the Liberals are choosing to use the subject of electoral reforms to advance their own personal interests.  

‘It’s time to park’

Ambrose says that the suggestion by the Liberal Party to abolish the current, first-past-the-post electoral system is not only unrealistic, but also ignores public opinion in favor of the personal interests of the party members.  

The Prime Minister boldly claimed that the 2015 elections would be the last under the current electoral system. So far, the party has failed to take a single step towards fulfilling their promise. This demonstrates that they were not really serious in their demand to reform Canada’s electoral system in the first place.

Conservative opposition

Even if Trudeau and his government somehow miraculously manage to take any concrete step towards fulfilling their promise, they will meet a strong wall resistance from the country’s Conservative Party in particular and the political opposition in general.

“Let me be very clear, says Ambrose, “the Conservative opposition will use every tool at our disposal to fight any change to our voting system that isn’t endorsed by the people of Canada in a national referendum.”

But the Liberals will never go down the route of referendum. They won’t attempt to take the public opinion into account. Wonder why? It’s because the public isn’t opposed to the first-past-the-post system. The Liberal Party is.

There’s a difference.