What makes Kathleen Wynne so unpopular

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You may walk around Ontario asking people if they like Kathleen Wynne or not. A surprising 90% of the people you ask this question to, will say they do not. So what exactly is the reason behind people hating the Premiere of Ontario so much?

It is a baffling question because if you look at the last elections, she inherited a very messed up political career from her predecessor and was able to win the election by a margin of 40% against both her competitors. Now though, she is one of the most unpopular politicians on earth.

The same people who had expressed their never ending support for the politician are now finding themselves asking the question why did we ever support her? If the privatization of Hydro One is taken into account, it still does not account for a 16 percent approval rate. Both Mike Harris and Ernie Eves did not see their approval rating drop that low and these were the men who wanted to sell all of Hydro One and not just 60% of it.

According to the Liberals, she is their one hope to help them remain in power. Her massive plans for infrastructural developments and the privatization of a further 30% of the Hydro One are an agenda she is determined to see through.

With elections in less than half a year, it is surprising that the most unpopular premiere of Canada is still so determined to make the changes she worked towards. So Canada should get ready to hear a lot of talk from the premiere about how she will try to setup educational opportunities and social justice. Maybe that is the reason why she is unpopular. She never followed through with the original plans that got her into politics.


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