Why Hasn’t Trudeau Condemned the UN’s Unfair Treatment of Israel?

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As Barack Obama was preparing to leave the office, he made a final and quite immature gesture against Israel by abstaining from voting against a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution condemning Israel’s settlements on the West Bank.

Most of the western states, including even the American president-elect Donald Trump, came out in opposition of the resolution. It was highly unfair and unneeded. But this is not new. The UNSC has spoken against Israel on plenty of occasions. But Canada always stood firmly against the opposition in Israel’s corner.

Will the government reiterate its support for Israel again? That’s the question.

Israel at the UN

The UN Security Council’s position on the Palestine-Israel conflict is, quite frankly, just absurd. The Middle East is suffering from terrorism, extremism, a lack of education, poverty, human rights abuse from autocratic governments, and women’s subjugation.

Israel is currently the least of those problems. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the UN’s activities. In the last year alone, the General Assembly has adopted 18 resolutions against Israel while the Human Rights Council has adopted 12 resolutions. As a whole, that’s more resolutions against Israel than against states like Iran, Syria, South Sudan, and North Korea combined.

Trudeau Must Condemn The Resolution

It has been a week since the controversial resolution was passed in the Security Council. However, there has been no word from the Prime Minister’s office. Even the former Conservative Prime Minister has gone on record against it. The Prime Minister, however, hasn’t yet publicly condemned the resolution.

The question is, why?

We all know that Justin Trudeau cares deeply about his international reputation. We also know that he desperately wants the non-permanent member seat at the Security Council. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t criticize the organization for injustice against Israel.


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