Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation and Justin Trudeau is out of the country on Vacation

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As Canada enters its 150 years of confederation, it seems that the Prime Minister of the country is not home himself. Justin Trudeau is yet again absent from another important event like all the missed Question Periods in the House of Commons.

According to the Prime Minister, this New Year’s Eve was a once in a lifetime opportunity to start the New Year together as one nation. Well, it looks like he himself was not part of the nation when the celebrations of this anniversary were happening.

Justin Trudeau decided to take his family and celebrate the New Year out of the country. The location where he is vacationing has not been disclosed. If we take a look back at the last New Year’s Eve, Trudeau and his family ventured out to the Caribbean Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. That trip, like this one, was not publicized, but the journalists on the islands recognized the Prime Minister.

Stories and photographs were published which showed that the Prime Minister was enjoying himself quite nicely. This year, the Prime Minister’s office has made sure that the location is well guarded and no one is ready to disclose the continent or even the hemisphere where he is currently celebrating.

Although the Prime Minister may not have much regard for the tax payer’s money, there should have been some show of solidarity with his people as the country celebrates 150 years. Things like these matter because it shows how much a leader cares for his country and its people. Last year’s winter vacation cost the tax payer’s about $64,000 on just the security detail that was accompanying the Prime Minister.

Instead of taking a vacation, there could have been something done for the people in this country who are touching the poverty line. All the money used in private jet travelling and security detail should have been used for the country’s benefit instead.