Canadian Beef being considered as a Carbon emission source

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According to the World Health Organization, processed beef has been added amongst some of the most carcinogenic substances in the world. It stands with tobacco smoke, plutonium and asbestos in the category.

Processed beef has also been linked to many other health problems occurring in people such as obesity, gout, diabetes and heart disease. Since last year, beef processors have been under attack from various organizations for numerous reasons such as the outbreak of Bovine TB, and protectionist ideologies from Donald Trump. It now seems that Canadian beef will very soon be blamed for a significant increase in the carbon footprint of the country.

According to some activists, there is a rumour that the digestive process of the cows that are used for beef processing is a major source of methane gas in the atmosphere. A figure that seems too high to be true suggests that for every 1kg of beef that is produced, 22 kg of methane gas is released in the atmosphere.

The Carbon tax seems to be reaching out to everything that Canada is good at producing. It won’t be a surprise if meat prices in Alberta are going to go up. Steak lovers may have to hold on to their forks and knives because cattle seem to account for more than half of the carbon emission in the agricultural sector.

For people who were fretting over the hike in gas prices due to the tax, it’s time to change your eating habits too. The problem is, it is not just a matter of beef; chicken is to be taxed at 8 percent, milk at 21 percent and eggs at five percent.

This seems like a move that will not only cripple the cattle industry in the country, but leave a lot of people deprived of the top quality beef that is supplied out from Canada. Canada is a leader in energy production and exporter of clean energy technologies. It should also see itself as the leader of meat production instead of putting up bars to limit production.


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