ISIS will keep killing until it’s ideology is confronted

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On January 1st 2017, the Malaysian counter terror chief, Ayob Khan expressed his concerns over the world not addressing the problem that is helping ISIS grow stronger. According to Mr. Khan, the real problem here is the Salafi Jihad that the Islamic State is using to its advantage and spreading terror by making it a tool.

It is the same ideology that is bringing in countless of brain washed Muslim youth to join the cause that is causing disruption around the world. Ayob Khan directly called upon all parties such as government departments, mosques, institutions of higher learning and NGOs to address the ideology as a problem.

Calling it a Jihad makes it okay in the eyes of many Muslim leaders when there is no room for unjust killing in the religion of Islam. Salafi Jihadi ideology is something that has put the Muslim world in a state of confusion.

He says that people who address the youth need to be checked thoroughly before they are allowed to speak in public forums. When the youth ask questions that are directed towards the righteousness in joining the cause of the Islamic State, many of these public speakers might give answers that would be directed towards it being okay to join a cause where you are assisting another Muslim nation in peril.

Such answers can promote the joining of extremist groups. The National Fatwa Council and the International scholars of Islam have also prohibited Muslims from joining ISIS. The aims and objectives of this group do not reflect Islamic ideologies and if anyone asks if its right to join ISIS, the straight and the only answer is No.

The Muslim youth is in trouble as they are being fed the incorrect ideas of Islam and Jihad and need to be taught the values that Islam truly promotes.


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