McGill and U of T have been voted in top five worst schools for non-Muslim students

in Canada by

A list published by Algemeiner, a New York based Jewish weekly publication, showed the top 40 schools of North America which are the worst for Jewish students.

The list made a shocking revelation showing McGill and the University of Toronto in the top five of the category.

Since it came out, a lot of Jewish communities have questioned the methods that the publication has used to analyze the situation at these universities. There have been statements made by Jewish Canadian organizations and students alike claiming that whoever has come up with the list has not asked people inside Canada about the situation.

Many have claimed that this is an attempt by The Algemeiner to please their readers and nothing more. The list had New York’s Columbia University leading it, with University of Toronto at No.3 followed by McGill. The list is said to be based on several anti-Semitic incidents on the campus, the number of anti-Israel groups in the schools, the number of pro Israel groups and successful Israel boycott efforts.

According to the editor in chief of the Algemeiner,

“There’s no question this is an emerging issue, and it’s a major issue. And it’s not going to go away anytime soon,”

They said that U of T has hosted some events in recent years which have portrayed the Jewish state as barbaric and colonialist. They also cited incidents where buildings and signs have been covered in anti-Semitic Graffiti.

McMaster University and York University in Toronto have also been ranked at No.13 and No.17 respectively.

Out for the four Canadian schools, McGill was the only one that responded claiming that they did not agree with the way the university has been portrayed.

There may not be as many anti-Semitic incidents on campuses, but there is a certain feeling which makes Jewish students want to avoid certain universities. The list has been questioned, but it does raise the question why the certain incidents that took place can be considered anti-Semitic.

University administrators and students are looking into investigating the matter and are looking to promote freedom of expression and zero tolerance for Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, racism or hatred.  


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