Migrants demand new homes paid in full by taxpayers

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Sweden has been very welcoming towards Syrian refugees, offering them asylum in their own country, and helping them stay alive for about a year. However, a Syrian refugee, Mohammed Jumaa, is accusing the Swedish government for trying to kill him and his fellow Syrians.

The uproar by the refugee seems to be on the subject of them not providing him with a good enough house to settle in. Jumaa claims that he has been treated like an animal since he got there since they have only been provided with food and a place to sleep and nothing else since about a year.

According to him, many refugees curse the day that they came to Sweden as the advocate of human rights in the world has not been able to provide the refugees with an adequate and dignified way of life.

There have been reports that the rooms provided by the Swedish tax payers for the Syrian refugees are no less than hotel rooms. Saying something like this about a country that opens its doors to people who are war torn is not something that reflects well on the refugees as a community.

Yes, it is true that getting back on their feet will take some time, but slandering the country that gave you asylum is not the way to go. Mohammed Jumaa’s claims seem to be one, which are not justified by the openness of the Swedish government.

In a conversation, he added that he was 25 years old and still a virgin, so how does the Swedish government expect him to find him a girlfriend/wife and continue with his life. He added that he was a virgin, which may be the real reason of this rant coming out so strongly. Mohammed Jumaa needs to be patient like the other Syrian refugees in different countries and he too, will find time to settle into the new country.