UN orders Saudi Arabia to stop stoning of children

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The United Nations has addressed Saudi Arabia and ordered them to repeal laws that allow the stoning, flogging, amputation, and execution of children over 15 years.

Saudi Arabia can be considered one of the worst countries when it comes to providing their citizens with basic human rights. Age 15 is not the age where a person can be tried like an adult of over 18 years. Capital punishment is not a very big concern in the Sharia Law based country.

18 independent experts were given the task to analyze the Kingdom’s compliance record with a treaty signed with the UN protecting rights of citizens under the age of 18. These experts raised a lot of concerns, the first regarding girls who are still not given the full basic human rights. They have to be under the guardianship of a male companion to do anything in the country.

The committee strictly pointed out that there is no justification when it comes to providing young women with basic human rights. Bringing culture, religion or tradition in this argument is not acceptable.

The other concern was directed towards children of the minority Muslim communities who are discriminated against and denied basic things such as access to schools. According to the UN committee, 47 people were executed on 2nd January in Saudi Arabia out of which 4 were under the age of 18.

The only response they were able to get from the Saudi Human Rights Commission was that Islamic Sharia Law is above all treaties and laws including the convention on the rights of children.

It seems that the country is run by a bunch of stubborn people who fail to accept the flaws in the way they treat their citizens. There seems to be not much change seen even after the criticism of the way the country treats its minors.