Brad Wall Says Justin Trudeau Is A ‘Sh*thead’

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall called Trudeau a sh*thead on Twitter with a retweet but removed the post minutes later and apologized.

Wall responded to this video.

“Let’s focus on technology to solve the global climate problem and stop this ill-conceived carbon tax scheme,” he wrote.

He then retweeted Twitter user Branik Fedikov, who wrote “@Andrew_Dalgarno @PremierBradWall @JustinTrudeau if all the money goes back why take it in the first place #shithead”.

Wall deleted the retweet, and apologized. He said he never saw the hashtag.

Brad Wall also responded to the video with this on Facebook:

“First of all, they aren’t my farmers… they are Canada’s farmers who are literally feeding Canada and the world, and creating thousands of Canadian jobs in the process. And their national government should be working with the Saskatchewan government, not against it, to ensure Canadian agricultural production remains as cost effective as possible in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

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