Trudeau is working up a Divide and Rule policy

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It seems like Justin Trudeau has played the provinces against each other very well. At one hand, there are provinces bickering over side deals and on the other hand, the carbon tax is causing a big problem between why certain people are being exempted from it.

The era of collaborative federal leadership that Mr. Trudeau had proposed is seeing a drift because there seems to be a lot that is causing a rift between provinces and premieres. Today, it seems like the federal health transfers are the main problem between all the provinces and the premieres.

If you look at previous Prime Minister Harper’s strategy, it was somewhat similar where the no strings attached transfers done by his government led to powerful public sector unions and doctor’s lobby to ensure labour peace funds were directed towards not so cost effective parts of the system.

Although Trudeau seemed to have good intentions with the plan, it seems like the provinces need answers as to why there were side deals happening when others are still getting pieces of the blocked healthcare funds.

Justin Trudeau’s negotiations of the federal climate change policy had immense help from the election of Rachel Notley’s New Democrats in Alberta. She moved ahead of Ottawa in the race for raising the Carbon tax, giving way to Justin Trudeau to implement a federal plan that a lot of other provinces were opposed to.

Healthcare is still the tough fight though. The numbers are so big that the premieres have no choice but to go to war with Ottawa over it.

So a very well done to Mr. Trudeau on creating a divide between the solidarity of Canada, hopefully the premieres and the provinces will soon realize the problem and act united against the menace of divided healthcare funding.


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