Canadian citizen killed fighting ISIS in Syria

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Nazzareno Tassone dies at age 24 while fighting on the side of the Kurdish forces in Syria. Nazzareno Tassone’s younger sister said that leaders of the Kurdish community in Toronto came to their home accompanied by the police to deliver the sad news to their home in Niagara this Tuesday afternoon.

The family had hoped for the best, but recent news about Syria and ISIS had made them very fearful of the worst. Nazzareno Tassone left for Turkey last June to become an English teacher, but very soon he joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit to battle ISIS. Tassone’s family saw this as no surprise as they knew his intentions were always to stop the menace that has been spreading terror.

“As a kid he was kind of my hero,”


Tassone’s younger sister informed the media about the news. Her brother and her father were the ones who helped raise young Giustina Tassone. She told the news reporters that as young kids, they played a lot, imagining different army scenarios. Nazzareno loved the army since a very young age and was always interested in fighting for the good side.

ISIS still has Nazzareno’s body which is why efforts are being made to bring the young man home and lay him to rest on his soil. Frank Tassone, uncle to Nazzareno, told the news that the last picture he saw of his nephew was him kneeling down with his rifle and signaling the peace sign towards the camera with a big smile on his face. According to his uncle, that is the good last memory of his nephew and he will cherish it forever.

Family, friends, colleagues and strangers all expressed great grief for the family’s loss and are hoping to bring the boy back by creating awareness on a Facebook page called Bring Nazzareno Tassone Home.