Donald Trump plans to put strict check on intelligence agencies

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In recent updates, Donald Trump has revealed that he is going to restructure two of the nation’s top intelligence agencies. Trump has plans to reduce the size of the office of the Director of National Intelligence and the CIA.

The plan has been put into motion as the President-elect thinks that both these agencies have become very politicized which may present a threat to the Nation’s security. According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s transition team reported,

“They all need to be slimmed down. The focus will be on restructuring the agencies and how they interact.”

The plan also has origins in the fact that the intelligence agencies have continued to push aside the reality that Russia is involved in the hacking and leaking of emails of democratic officials. Trump cited Julian Assange on the matter, stating that he had confirmed Russia was not involved in the hacking.

This statement has angered many U.S. officials from both parties because of the fact that he is trusting Assange’s word over U.S. lawmakers. Donald Trump might be facing heavy criticism for this, but he plans to stand his ground and regulate the resources at his disposal to more pressing issues rather than investigating something that hasn’t been proved in any way.

President Barack Obama had an investigation done and no solid findings could prove Russian involvement in the democratic officials’ email leaks. According to Donald Trump, these resources should be directed towards stopping the growing menace of ISIS rather than wasting time on petty allegations that are coming as a sour loser to try and prove that Trump could not have won without the involvement of some illegal forces.

Trump has big plans for America and by the looks of it; he knows well how to ensure he runs the country the way he thinks is best for everyone.