Obama is Kicking Out around Half of the World’s Most Dangerous Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay

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The US President Obama makes one last-ditch effort to make the world a less secure place to live in before leaving office. And it is massive. He is about to transfer around 22, out of 59, detainees out of the Cuban prison Guantanamo Bay.

When Obama was running for his first term in office, he had vowed to close down Guantanamo Bay. The suggestion was so absurd that even his government could not follow through on the promise. And he had to face a massive wall of resistance in the country. The prison has held some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. Closing it down would have been disastrous.

The Prisoner Exchange Program

Although Obama could not wreak havoc on the world by closing down Guantanamo, then, he is doing the next worst thing now. The White House announced its plans to transfer many of the detainees out of Guantanamo. Recent reports suggest that around 22 detainees are going to be the part of the exchange program.

And some may say America is not exactly freeing the terrorists. It’s just transferring them to other countries like Saudi Arabia. But transferring them is as good as unleashing them upon the world. There’s factual evidence to support that.

Past Experiences

Some of the Guantanamo detainees that have been “transferred” in the past have wreaked havoc in the world. One ex-convict was responsible for kidnapping Chinese engineers in Pakistan. Another blew himself up in a suicide attack in Kuwait. One other “transferred” convict later led the group that conducted the Charlie Hebdo attack in France.

Despite so many clear signals, the Obama administration still hasn’t realized the dangers of practically setting these prisoners out in the world. Or maybe it’s a desperate attempt to “one up” the incoming President Trump. Whatever the reason may be, the world will surely be a less peaceful place to live in the coming years.


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