Ottawa spends half a billion dollars on Canada’s 150th anniversary

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As 2017 marks the 150th Anniversary of the confederation, the federal government is getting ready to spend almost half a billion dollars on the occasion. The celebrations include a cross-country RV tour to an extravaganza at Parliament Hill that is marking the occasion.

The largest share of $300 million in this half a billion budget is being provided by the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program. This budget that is being thrown away at extravagant celebrations was created by the previous conservative government to fix up community infrastructure and public facilities, as well as culture and recreation across Canada. They had received $150 million for the budget just before the 2015 elections.

It is commendable that the liberal government was able to double this fund, but nobody knew that it would be redirected to the celebration of a few weeks rather than being used in the long term interest of the public. This money could have gone to providing better living conditions for the indigenous communities or used to bring down the cost of power.

It seems that spending half a billion in celebrations seems like a more important subject right now. With the Prime Minister taking vacations abroad and not being available for the celebration himself, a celebration this big is nothing but a colossal waste of the Canadian Tax Payer’s money.

It is time that Canadians need to start asking themselves whether they want to live affordable and content lives or see a bunch of Canadians tour around the country talking about how great this country is.

The conservatives had done the planning for the 150th confederate anniversary, but it seems like the liberals didn’t waste any time to take all the credit for it and change the agenda from showing Canada as a proud, strong and free country to one that is more concerned with the environment and accepting towards diverse communities.