Provinces ask Trudeau to resume federal health talks

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Finance and Health ministers from 10 provinces have called upon Prime Minister Trudeau to resume health talks. The talks were a result of the side deals that were made with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

Finance and Health ministers of 10 different provinces have now come together and asked Justin Trudeau to meet face to face with the premieres of their provinces and open the discussion again.

According to Justin Trudeau’s office, there have been no plans set in motion for the first ministers meeting as yet.

It seems that the efforts that were supposed to unite the provinces have driven a wedge between them. According to Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott, Ottawa is simply trying to transform the healthcare system because if compared to other similar countries, Canada enjoys a very average system. All this is despite the Canadians paying some of the highest per-capita costs in the world.

In the letter that was released Tuesday, discussing the want of the ministers to meet the Prime Minister, there was another request that was repeated which stated that they want to see an evidence-based annual increase of 5.2 percent in federal health transfers.

Despite all the letters and concerns shown by Canadians, it seems that NDP is least interested in solving the divide between the provinces which was their fault in the first place. Cutting side deals should never have been the option if a Federal Health plan was to be implemented any time in the near future.

The Canadian tax payers have given billions of dollars for the health sector and expect a long term sustainable plan in return. Justin Trudeau needs to address this problem now as it seems the provinces have seen through his divide and rule scheme and have united against the issue.


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