What Rachel Notley and the NDP Did to Alberta is Shocking

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There’s simply no other word for it.

We are shocked by the disparity between where Alberta was, financially, when the NDP took over and where it is now. Despite knowing the fact that Alberta’s economy is underperforming, despite being aware of Notley’s gross financial mismanagement, and despite our knowledge that simply levying new taxes won’t solve Alberta’s economic troubles, we are still shocked.

This is the extent to which the province has sunk economically in just the past few years. And one cannot just blame the recession for it, like the NDP does. Every Albertan citizen needs to understand just how badly Notley and her party have botched the job of steering the province towards economic success.

The Lost Advantage

Some of our anger and frustration is based on a recent report by the Fraser Institute which reported the end of Alberta’s tax advantage. The province, that used to enjoy some of the lowest levels of corporate taxes in not just Canada, but the whole of North America, no longer enjoys that position anymore.

That’s not even the most shocking piece of information. Before the NDP, the province was at number 1 in all 60 provinces and states in Canada and America combined when it came to the federal and provincial tax rate. After NDP, we’re at number 46.


Just close your eyes and think about that for a second.

Contextualizing The Situation

From number one to number 46 in just a year and a half! Is this what NDP calls economic management? Is that what governments do when they run into a crisis? Just steal the money from the pockets of hard working citizens to balance excessive borrowing. That seems about right.

And what do the workers get in return? A broken economy and low quality jobs. What kind of a bargain is that? There must be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the NDP government has not just massively failed to solve the existing economic problems in Alberta.

They’ve created newer and bigger ones instead.