Trudeau’s Vacation Details Show Just How Entitled He Really Is

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Justin Trudeau has been known as a lot of things. But he has never been known as a man of people.

Understanding the problems of the common people was just never his thing. Perhaps this can explain some of his government’s policies that are hurting the Canadian workforce.

But nothing cements his image as an entitled individual more than the recent revelation of the details from his latest vacation. Slipping off to the Bahamas, along with the Aga Khan, and enjoying a luxury vacation on one of his private islands, the Prime Minister tried to avoid the media. But he ultimately couldn’t. And now the details are spilling out.

Trudeau’s Trip

The Prime Minister undoubtedly had a great time with His Highness, the Aga Khan, leader of the Ismaili Shia Muslim community. Things were off to a rocky start as soon as Trudeau’s absence in the public sphere was felt by the media.

The media engaged in a kind of ‘Where’s Waldo’ search in trying to locate the Prime Minister. Ultimately, the Prime Minister’s Office had to offer an explanation for his absence and disclose the travel plans.

Made-up modesty

As soon as the travel plan emerged, the PMO took desperate measures to salvage what was left, if anything, of the Prime Minister’s reputation as a people’s person by setting up a tour of coffee shops and church basements. What’s more, Trudeau cancelled a trip to the meeting of the world’s leaders and business personalities in Davos.

If anything, the Prime Minister’s attempts at modesty are even more foolish than his entitled vacation pursuits. The public won’t be fooled by his trips to coffee shops. And cancelling the trip to Davos? Where’s the wisdom in that? Just because he was caught partying there the last time with Bono and Kevin Spacey doesn’t mean he can miss out on a conference where he can promote Canada as a great investment hub.
It’s clear that neither the PM nor the PMO know what they’re doing.