Justin Trudeau Just Got Hit With His Biggest Fear And Will Face It Jan. 23

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Justin Trudeau is making his way across Canada and is about to be hit by Alberta on January 23 after his recent comments to phase out Oilsands. 

Brian Jean invited Justin Trudeau to Fort McMurray to face the workers themselves. 

From FMT:

In a Monday statement, Jean invited Trudeau to visit Fort McMurray and meet with oilsands workers. The locations on Trudeau’s cross-country town hall tour have not been released by the prime minister’s office. His itinerary for a single day is released the previous day.

However, Jean pointed out that the prime minister will be in Calgary for a two-day Cabinet retreat beginning on Jan. 23, where the economy is likely to be a dominant topic, and could plan a visit to Fort McMurray around those dates.

“He should meet with the oil and gas workers who have the jobs he promises to phase out, and meet them face-to-face and explain why,” Jean said in an interview. 

Trudeau fears Alberta, if you hate a province and threaten OUR livelihood you can expect the biggest backlash, he is invited and must explain why he hates Alberta.