Trump Will Lead the US to Victory in Trade War with China

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China is afraid of Donald Trump.

The president-elect of the United States has been known to speak against America’s largest trading partner throughout his campaign. Trump believes that the US should be more guarded when it comes to China. He thinks that the US is currently getting less out of the relationship than China is.

And he’s right. In the eight years of the Obama Presidency, China continued to grow strong economically and has now even begun to assert itself in political affairs like its position on Taiwan or the South China Sea. No one questions the fact that China is stronger now than it was eight years ago.

America’s woes

Another gradual development in the last eight years is crucial to consider here. The people in America have begun to feel the effects of China’s advantage over America in the trade war.

As many production facilities moved to China, America lost jobs. The country was inundated with Chinese products. The economy began to feel the stress and strain of China’s economic advantage. The public grew wearier of China’s influence on the American economy. It’s one of the reasons America overwhelmingly supported Trump.

Trump and China

China’s nervousness at Trump’s election is palpable. The ongoing summit in Davos saw the first-ever address by the Chinese President Xi Jinping who said that if there’s a trade war between China and the US, there will be no winner. This is a clear attempt to dissuade the US from pursuing a policy of protectionism against China.

On the other hand, Anthony Scaramucci, one of Donald Trump’s advisors, thinks the US would absolutely emerge as the winner. If Trump manages to go through with a 45 percent tariff on Chinese products, it will unquestionably hurt the Chinese economy and benefit America.

It’s clear that Trump wants, and has what it takes, to make America great again.


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