Here’s How Mexican Immigrants are Destroying Canada’s Economy

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We all know how much the Liberal government is in love with immigration.

At a recent “listening” event in Justin Trudeau’s tour to get back in touch with the public, he said immigration is what makes Canada great. We won’t even go into the details of how wrong this statement is. Let’s hold our criticism on the fact that he thinks, out of all great things Canadians have been able to achieve, the inflow of some foreigners into our land is what makes the country great.

We can ignore Trudeau’s love for Muslims and immigrants. But we cannot ignore the impact it’s having on our society and economy. The immigrants from Syria bring, along with themselves, a whole set of problems. Everyone knows that. But few are talking about the immigrants from Mexico.

Lifting visa requirements

Among some of the pro-immigration measures that had a negative impact on Canada’s socioeconomic sphere was the Liberal government’s decision to lift visa requirements for travelers from Mexico. The government made the announcement in the beginning of December last year.

Since the policy was announced, the number of Mexicans seeking asylum in Canada increased to 248. This is more than double if we compare to the previous number of 111 asylum seekers during the same period in 2015.

The socioeconomic impact

The Liberal government doesn’t realize that the visa restrictions on people from Mexico were imposed for a reason. The Harper government, in 2009, introduced these restrictions following a spike in asylum applications from Mexico, many of which were deemed “invalid” by the authorities.

But the impact of Mexican immigrants is not just social. It’s economic as well. According to independent economic analyses, the lifting of the visa requirements will end up costing the Canadian taxpayers around $262 million in the next decade. At a time when the Canadian economy is already stretched past endurance, the last thing people need is another unwanted list of expenses.


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