Phasing Out Coal Energy in Ontario Will Have a Negligible Impact on the Environment

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Ontario’s Liberal government really wants to save the mother earth.

It wants to save the environment so much that it’s ready to impose new taxes on people. The desire to combat global warming is so strong that it’s willing to shift the province’s whole energy infrastructure from tried and tested traditional means to uncharted and unexplored clean energy territories.

Meanwhile, the people suffer. In a space of just a few weeks, the nation witnessed several outbursts from hardworking middle-class Ontario citizens, all of whom complained that their hydro costs were more than their mortgage.

Coal phase out in Ontario

The suffering of the people of Ontario, in some twisted way, would have been worth it if all the government measures actually achieved something when it came to combating global warming. But, it turns out all of the disastrous economic policies achieved nothing.

This is not just some politically-motivated claptrap to malign the environment-loving Liberal government. It’s based on authentic research data in a recent study by the Fraser Institute. The Institute analyzed the level of pollutants in the environment and compared it to the pre-phase out levels. The result? Ontario government’s measures had little to no impact on the environment.

Negligible impact

According to the Fraser Institute report in question:

“The effect was not statistically significant in Toronto or Hamilton. We find no evidence that the coal phase-out reduced Nitrogen oxide levels, which were instead strongly affected by reduction in US nitrogen oxide emissions.”

Justin Trudeau recently came out under fire for claiming that the Liberal Party intends to slowly phase out Alberta’s oil sands. Much of the criticism directed at the Prime Minister was because of the fact that doing so would destroy Alberta’s economy.

What’s even more outrageous, however, is that even literally taking apart the traditional energy industry bit by bit still won’t save the environment. Why, then, should we suffer?


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