Trudeau’s Lack of Acceptance or Apology is Even Worse than the Ethics Breach

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Sorry—it’s a simple five letter word.

Why is it, then, that the Prime Minister finds it so hard to utter it? Since Trudeau was elected in 2015, he and his government were surrounded by scandals of unethical practices. Somewhere along the road, he should have realized that there can be a breaking point.

If we assume that he had no idea about the ethics of his “personal” trip, someone in his team would have surely informed him. The Code of Ethics is quite clear. There was no way what Trudeau was doing was, in any way, ethical or even legal.

Trudeau’s stubbornness

A huge reason why Trudeau is failing as the Prime Minister of this great country is his stubbornness and refusal to admit any wrongdoings. When the Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge a mistake, he also misses the opportunity to improve.

Aren’t the Liberals supposed to be encouraging and open-minded? It seems that Trudeau himself has none of the attributes that his party values. Perhaps that’s why his popularity fell 10 points in just a span of three months.

Honest mistake

The Prime Minister holds the unique distinction of being the first ever head of the state in Canada that has had an official investigation into their unethical conduct. Maybe this should have been a big clue for Trudeau that all is not right with the way he runs things.

But he has still not come out and said that accepting a ride with the Aga Khan was a mistake which won’t be repeated ever again. The Canadian people are extremely generous and forgiving. An honest acceptance of the mistake and a humble plea for forgiveness would have improved Trudeau’s standing with the public. People would have thought, “Well, he did wrong but at least he was honest about it.” It would’ve been water under the bridge.

But it’s too late for that now.