O’Leary as PM is BAD NEWS for Notley “She’s a walking disaster”

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Alberta premier Rachel Notley is started to feel nervous as Kevin O’Leary comes knocking on the conservative media stage. 

O’Leary is pro-oil and wants Alberta to strive as it creates wealth for many people including direct workers and their families. 

O’Leary vows to fight Notley in the next election, “Anybody but Notley” he says as he enters the conservative leadership race. 

Some O’Leary quotes from the Calgary sun:

“The thought she would get a second mandate is a nightmare to me. That makes me wake up sweating at night. I stare at the ceiling thinking about that.”

“We have to work together to do everything we can to make sure she finds her real calling in life. It has nothing to do with managing money or an economy as powerful as Alberta’s,” says the leadership candidate and well-known face on the TV screen.

“I will work any way I can to make sure she never gets a chance to do any more damage to Canada. Ever.

“I’ve even suggested we collectively buy her out. That would be safer if would could do it, if she would take a cheque and just go away.

“She is a walking disaster. Everybody knows that now. Look at all the people who have lost their jobs. I’m ashamed of it and I feel the pain.”

O’Leary hasn’t broken a sweat. There’s the carbon tax.

“I want it gone,” says O’Leary, speaking of the federal carbon tax starting next year and the Alberta carbon tax currently on the books.

“We are going to be a carbon tax-free country. We’re not going to manage our emissions that way. No chance in hell.

“It’s insane. Think about this. Why would you put an auto plant in Ontario? Why would you invest money in Alberta when you can go 17 miles south of the border and do it without a carbon tax?”

What do you think? Is Kevin O’Leary good for Alberta?