Richard Fadden Says Canadian Politics is Susceptible to Hacking

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It has been a well documented fact that foreign countries will always attempt to use cyber-warfare in order to gain an advantage over other countries. The recent increase in cyber-attacks has got countries scrambling to improve their defences, and Richard Fadden thinks that Canada should also do the same. With reports about Russia’s hacking against the United States, it is only a matter of time, before it sets eyes on Canada to influence their elections as well.

The hacking incident shouldn’t be taken lightly, since Russia is already a formidable country, and their attempts at hacking others to rig elections in their favour is cause for concern. Mr. Fadden believes that no country is safe from cyber-attacks, since all of us live in the digital age, and are interconnected through the internet. In order to prevent instances of hacking a country must launch a full on assault against all hackers and improve cyber security.

Other nations have always tried to influence their target countries, but the digital age has brought about a new type of warfare, which is strictly online. The Canadian election isn’t as far off as everyone thinks it is, and there is only a matter of time before Russian hackers decide to mess about with Canada. it is certainly possible, and this is a matter that intelligence officials all over the world are growing concerned about. Russia has been trying to meddle with the business and political interests of a lot of nations, and they are not going to stop anytime soon.

Therefore, it is only in the best interests of Canada as a country to protect itself from the threat of hacking. It is imperative that Canadian takes this matter seriously as well, if they want to avoid the situation that the United States recently had to go through.


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