Christy Clark no longer receiving $50,000 as stipend from party

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British Columbia premier Christy Clark says she is no longer receiving a $50,000 stipend from her own political party. Clark says that she will be reimbursed for individual expenses instead of receiving a stipend altogether.

According to Clark, parties should move to a new system which will regulate the flow of money and keep a check on the large incoming funds of the party. According to her, it is a big distraction and the standard way of doing things may not be the best way to go about it.

Clark has a salary of $195,000 with a $50,000 stipend given each year. This could be a result of the conflict of interest case filed against Christy Clark by an opposing party member. The stipend was a major reason for the case being filed against her and although she was cleared by the conflict of interest commissioner, it seems she wants to keep her name clear.

The question that arises here is that the reimbursement for independent expenses cannot be monitored that well. A stipend is a fixed amount that can be paid, but independent expenses can very well exceed this amount.

The other thing that was discussed in this matter was the fact that big organizations should not be funding the government as the money coming in is in large amounts and not monitored very well. Once again, the responsibility was given totally to the Canadian tax payer.

What she does not understand is that a government requires heavy funds which cannot just rely on the tax payer. If she does not want a stipend, that’s her choice and completely fine, but changing the standard procedure may not be the way to go about it.


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