CBC Hopes Millions Of Americans Die Under Trump

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What happens if a country fails? It becomes a third world and war torn country like Syria. 

A failing government would allow terrorists to enter the country by thousands and turn that country into a blood pool by killing millions of people. 

CBC hopes just that. 

In their opinion piece today writer Scott Reid used the headline:

“Let us hope for a Donald Trump disaster”

That’s the first sign, if Trump is a disaster, what do you think would happen? 

The article continues:

“Let us pray that President Donald Trump fails. And that he fails spectacularly.”

Let us “pray?” Pray for what? A disaster which would kill millions of people in the name of Allah? 

The article ends with this note: 

“America – and Canada — will carry on just fine if Trump fails. We might not be able to say the same if he succeeds. So let’s hope hard for Trump to be a disaster. Not out of pique. But out of pronounced self-interest and concern for the future.”

Now maybe writer Scott Reid didn’t think that far ahead in a failed government, but we did, if Trump fails, won’t it cause a ripple affect for future governments if there even is one? Didn’t he think what other catastrophic events could occur under a failing government? Such as terrorists taking over and killing American civilians? 

Shame on the CBC. Your media organization should be taken down.